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قوائد اللغة العربية

Helpful Links

To open any of these links in a new window, just right click on any one of them and select "Open Link in New Window"

A very helpful link for downloading Arabic script onto a computer.

Google translate; the poor man's dictionary.

online dictionary that includes stems and roots, unlike Google translate. portal site that offers links to other sites on all things Arab.

Interesting site on the ancient history of Egypt

A link to MESA (Middle East Studies Association).

ReadArabic! website that has lessons in how to read Modern Standard Arabic - for free!

A bunch of game ideas to help students learn vocabulary in their 'target language' - easily adaptable to Arabic.

An excellent resource for learning Arabic that includes a free e-book, MSA and Egyptian Colloquial podcasts, and all other things related to Arabic.

A blog about the Arabic language.

A tumblr account about bringing Arabic culture to English speakers.

An online link to Lane's dictionary , THE resource for classical Arabic.

Many digital books can be found for free at Google Books, including portions of various editions of Wright's Grammar.