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One Hundred and One Rules

One Hundred and One Rules! by Mohammed Jiyad

Primary Use: Online grammar and history
Format:Paper that begins with a history and then a list of grammatical concepts, followed by a vocabulary list and a section on pedagogy
Meant For:Beginner to advanced


This is an online paper that details Arabic grammatical rules in a very concise fashion. It uses simple English complete with many examples in Arabic. Best of all, it's free!

This paper can be accessed at the following site:

This will have to be cut and pasted into your own browser.

What makes this paper unique (besides the fact that it's online) is that it contains a brief history of the Arabic language as well as information on the history of Arabic grammar. It is written in a very interesting and informative fashion and isn't nearly as boring as such topics might sound. All Arabic examples are also translated into English for the beginning student. The paper can be generally separated into the following sections:

  1. Introduction with the history of Arabic language and grammar
  2. The Alphabet
  3. Various grammatical terms (all listed under the table of contents)
  4. Vocabulary list of Arabic verbs
  5. Language pedagogy
  6. References

How to Use It

In order to use this resource to the fullest extent, one should already know the Arabic script before beginning. Although it goes over the alphabet in the beginning, it does not give the letters in all of their forms and lists them only in their isolated forms.

This paper is best used as a handy computer reference.

The table of contents is inaccurate and lists page numbers inaccurately. For instance, the haal construction is marked as being on page 43 when in fact it is found under number 105 on page 36. It seems as though the table of contents was made before the contents were formatted to Microsoft word.

The best way to use the table of contents is to read through each line to find the particular grammatical concept one is looking for, and then scroll down to find it. All grammatical components are listed in the correct order, even if the page number is inaccurate. Keep in mind that some lines in the table of contents contain more than one grammatical concept. For instance, what is listed as being on page 35 is not just the Phony/Fake Idaafa but also The Perfect Particle قد, and The Verbal Noun, all three of which are entirely separate concepts.


Jiyad, Mohammed. "A Hundred and One Rules!" Mount Holyoke College. Accessed 28 Feb. .