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Key to a New Arabic Grammar

Key to a New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language by J.A. Haywood and H.M. Nahmad

Primary Use: Answers to the exercises found in A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language, including a translation of the supplement
Format:Answers to the 99 exercises in order


This is the key to the translation exercises contained in A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language. Unlike the exercises in that book which have the Arabic in a typed font, the Arabic in the key is written out and then photocopied. However, the Arabic is clear and easy to read, and it avoids many of the typeface problems the Arabic has in the main book.

The later exercises from exercise 76 on include less and less diacritical marks until they nearly disappear, which is an annoying aspect for a learning aid about Arabic grammar to have. It also includes the occasional grammatical note not found in the main book, which makes the key an essential component to the main book instead of just a convenient supplement.

How to Use It

This key is fairly straightforward to use. It includes no index or table of contents, but the exercises are labeled in numerical order making it easy to flip through the book to find the key to the appropriate exercise.

There is also a short introduction to the key explaining some brief points. Chief among them is that the alternate possible translations are often not included in the key as this would “increase the bulk of this Key without greatly helping the student” (p vi).


Haywood, J.A. and H.M. Nahmad. Key to a New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language. 1st ed. 1964. Hampshire, U.K.: Lund Humphries, 2006.