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Answer Key to al-Kitaab: Part One

Answer Key to al-Kitaab fii Ta`allum al-`Arabiyya: Part One 2nd ed. by Mahmoud al-Batal, Kristen Brustad, and Abbas al-Tonsi

Primary Use:Answers to the exercises found in al-Kitaab fii Ta`allum al`Arabiyya: Part One 2nd ed.
Format:Answers to the exercises separated by their respective chapters


This is a no-frills key to the al-Kitaab: Part One textbook. It has no table of contents and no index, and is written almost entirely in Arabic.

The key is separated by the units in the al-Kitaab: Part One textbook that the various exercises correspond to. The exercises are not described. Exercises that have more than one answer, such as writing sentences that describe pictures, have no corresponding answers in the key.

In addition to the answers to the exercises, the book contains the transcription of the sentences corresponding to the list of vocabulary words at the beginning of each chapter than can be listened to via the DVDs.

How to Use It

The exercises in the key are all in the order that they appear in al-Kitaab: Part One. If one wanted to look up the answers to exercise #10 in Chapter 6, simply flip to Chapter 6 (labeled 6. أنا خالد in the key) and then look for the tenth exercise under that chapter, which will be clearly labeled in Arabic (in this instance تمرين 10).


al-Batal, Mahmoud, Kristen Brustad, and Abbas al-Tonsi. Answer Key to al-Kitaab fii Ta`allum al-`Arabiyya: Part One. 2nd ed. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2004.