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al-Kitaab Supplement

al-Kitaab Supplement, an Addendum: Arabic Grammar and Dialogues 2nd ed. by Ahmed Souaiaia

Primary Use: Workbook designed to supplement al-Kitaab with grammar specific exercises
Format:Exercises with brief explanations
Meant For:Beginner to intermediate


This book is meant as a grammar supplement to the al-Kitaab series. It has some dialogues of its own which can be accessed for free via the website located at the back of the book. It also includes lines for taking notes and for completing the exercises.

This book was created in response to frustrations with working with the al-Kitaab series and is not meant to stand alone; rather, it is meant to work side by side with Alif Baa and al-Kitaab: Part One. Complex grammatical issues are not addressed in this book.

This book unfortunately includes several formatting errors. Sometimes the Arabic is cut off at the bottom of the page, only occasionally reappearing at the top of the following page. English mistakes are not uncommon in this book, for instance: “I sounds like a coming to a stop or pause before continuing with the next voweled letter” (p 16). Additionally, there is no key to the exercises. If one insists on using this book, purchase of the electronic book as opposed to the physical book is recommended. This could solve many of the formatting issues.

How to Use It

In order to use this book to the fullest extent, one should use it as a supplement to the al-Kitaab series rather than as a book that stands on its own. Because it does not include a key, and because the formatting of the book makes it a challenge to use, it is recommended for use only in conjunction either with a teacher or with other students. Furthermore, it is not always easy to see where various exercises are supposed to line up with chapters in Alif Baa and particularly in al-Kitaab: Part One.

This book spends a good deal of time on the alphabet and exercises connecting and disconnecting letters. Occasionally there are no instructions to go along with the supposed exercises, and it is difficult to see what the exercise is trying to get at. There is no clear explanation of how to use this book other than to work through it from cover to cover, getting as much out of the exercises as possible. This is particularly true since the table of contents is written entirely in Arabic in no particular order, and there is no index.


Souaiaia, Ahmed. al-Kitaab Supplement, an Addendum: Arabic Grammar and Dialogues. 2nd ed. USA: BookSurge Publishing, 2003.