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201 Arabic Verbs

201 Arabic Verbs by Raymond Scheindlin

Primary Use: Reference of Arabic verb conjugation
Format:100% tables. Index in back with a list of verbs in a particular format (i.e. Verbs with Initial Ya ي form IV) and the corresponding page number.
Meant For:Advanced beginner and up


This book includes 201 verbs in Arabic, all of which represent a particular pattern and are fully conjugated in a table which includes the root, the masdar, the passive and active participles, all existing tenses and forms: in short, everything anyone would want to know about conjugating Arabic verbs. Any student can reference a particular pattern via the index and see how the example indicated in the book is then conjugated. The intent is to use the 201 verbs in the book as templates for other verbs in the same form that one wishes to conjugate.

Verbs in the book are arranged alphabetically by root. A listing of verb patterns is found in the index. The verbs were selected on the basis of commonality, most of them appearing in M. Brill's Basic Word List of the Arabic Daily Newspaper (Jerusalem, 1940) according to the foreword. No rare or hypothetical verbs are included.

How to Use It

In order to use this book to the fullest extent, one must already know the following:

  1. how to read Arabic
  2. the ten measures of the Arabic verb
  3. definitions of grammatical terms such as geminate verbs, sound verbs, active and passive participles, imperative form, etc.

The index is the key to using this book. It is only 5 pages long, so a brief glance at it will acquaint the user with how the index is laid out. Anyone wanting to know how a particular verb is conjugated should determine the pattern first (i.e. the verb in question has a Medial Hamza and is in form VI), look in the index to see the page number where the corresponding example is located, and then flip to the table on that page. The verb found in the table may not be the specific verb that one is trying to conjugate, such as looking for how to conjugate تشاءم but finding only تساءل in the book. However, all verbs found in the 201 Arabic Verbs serve as examples for how to conjugate all other verbs in that form, and in the case of تشاءم one can use the example of تساءل .


Scheindlin, Raymond. 201 Arabic Verbs. Hauppage, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 1978.